Good Story-tellers are All Kinds of People

Talegate offers a kaleidoscope of creative and professional opportunity. Powered by inclusivity and bound by the art of storytelling, we can work wherever a good story is found. We clear the obstacles that can be caused by location, identity, or minority to gather in Talegate collaborators.

We’re looking for wordsmiths, artists and professionals who don’t typically find opportunity within the creative sector. And because we’re a 100% remote working enterprise, you can be wherever there’s an internet connection.

Will you introduce yourself? Maybe what you offer is just the right fit for a current or future Talegate collaboration. Tell us your story. You’ll hear from us in 30 days or less.

For Authors and Artists

We’re on the lookout for new stories and new ways to tell them. If you have a manuscript, story, script, art samples or digital samples to share we’d like to see them.
Use the CREATIVE SUBMISSIONS link to submit a summary and 3 samples of your work or idea. We know that you share your work in confidence and in hope. Thanks for trusting us with your work.

For Business and Technical Professionals

Talegate wants to hear from business specialists, business-creatives, and technical professionals. Business professionals light the path by which Talegate stories are developed and launched into the world.
Use BUSINESS SUBMISSIONS to share your professional story and to attach your CV or Resume. Your information is held in confidence. Thanks for trusting us.

For Suppliers and Vendors

Talegate collaborators include specialty vendors and suppliers of all sorts. Use this link If you have a service or product you think will help our stories, our methods or our customers.

Creative Submissions

We’re looking for people who create using words or pictures, sound or motion to tell good stories.

Use this link to email your submission directly to Talegate Editors and Creative Directors.

You’ll need a summary and 3 samples to complete your submission. Your samples could be a book or video, graphic design or illustrations, a game or play. The email submission accepts text documents, PDF’s and hyperlinks to multimedia or large files.

Please use English when completing your submission.

Business Submissions

We’re looking for people who use their business skills to bring good stories to life in the marketplace.

Use this link to email your CV submission directly to Talegate Managers.

As you complete your submission, please specify the kind of role(s) you prefer and a short statement about why you’re interested in being a Talegate Collaborator. The email submission accepts your CV or Resume as a text or PDF file.

Please use English when completing your submission.

Partnering with Talegate

You can help expand the Talegate cycle of social inclusion and economic opportunity. Together we can open the barriers caused by location, gender, and minority to uncover new stories and to make new ways to tell stories.

Talegate Partnering Opportunities

Partnering with Talegate means you, too, are contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
That’s because we’ve embedded UN SDGs into the Talegate DNA and stories.
Discover more about partnering and which SDG’s you would contribute to by hovering over some of our stories. And contact us to uncover other products and opportunities for partnering

What’s Happening

Explore the incredible collaborations that make the Talegate stories truly special.

Link to Art of Crime Order Page

The Art of Crime

No crime is committed in a vacuum.

Dive into the world of crime, its people & the relationships that compel them. In this thought-provoking collection, James Fleming uncovers the cultural and personal relevance of the crime noir genre.

Discover for yourself the beating heart that lies within...The Art of Crime.

When you buy The Art of Crime, you are helping Talegate to develop decent work for those who don't ordinarily get the opportunity because of where they live, their gender, or their minority status. You're joining Talegate as we make products that contribute the UN Sustainable Development Goals for decent work, gender empowerment, and inclusive economic growth.

On sale now. Click here to get your copy.

Book Cover and Christmas Sale Notice

A Little Mouse That Built Itself a House in a Christmas Cake

Nib the Mouse wants to move into a new house made of Christmas Cake. But Mistress Kitty is on the lookout! How will it all end?

Here’s a charming Christmas story that easily joins the likes of The Night Before Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Purchasing this newly-illustrated edition of a nearly lost Christmas story is a vote of support for Talegate's commitment to the UN SDGs. You're also promoting decent jobs as it is produced by an all female team in Ireland and Pakistan.

Click here to order your book or ebook.

Where's The Lady?

Film Noir meets slapstick comedy. This film short is destined for the 2024 Dublin Smartphone Film Festival. Our independent movie-makers are working from Galway, Wexford, Dublin and Prague. And we’re proving that remote-working, smartphone tech and dodgy internet can be used to bring cultural & professional benefits to loads of people all over the place.

Primary photography was completed on location at GreenTech HQ, Enniscorthy, Ireland.

You can be a movie financier by making a donation. Get your film credit and choose additional perks like a limited edition Tshirt or a ticket to the movie launch at DSFF '2024. What's more, you will be partnering with Talegate in its commitment to UN SDG's to develop decent work regardless of location or gender. Click here to choose your perk!

Link to Where's The Lady? Crowdfunding